Making The Multiverse Better, One Gadget At A Time

Have you ever found yourself in need of that special thing to improve your quality of life as you traverse the vast expanses of Azeroth, the Multiverse, and beyond? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Dreamwalker Collective, we believe adventuring should be pleasant, and that the journey should be as enjoyable as the reward.

Making Old Gadgets New Again

We all have that one trusty, old gadget that we’ve had since the beginning of our adventures. It’s like a security blanket that we can’t live without. But it’s getting rusted with age and after all of the world’s advancements, it just isn’t quite working like it used to. Even worse, the creator seems to have been swallowed up by the Cataclysm, or got trapped in Xal’atath. Either way, our favorite gadget can no longer serve us and we must retire it.

But sometimes, a gadget is so good, we just can’t let it fade into the annals of history with its original maker. That’s when the Dreamwalker Collective steps in. For a select few gadgets, we pick it up, brush off the rust, and give it the love and attention needed to make it like new again, paying tribute to its original creator.

Recording Our Travels

We at Dreamwalker Collective are, shall we say, far traveled. We’ve lost track of how many worlds we’ve visited. The Multiverse is expansive and we’re always discovering new planes and the people that inhabit them.

We feel that it’s only fair that we share those discoveries.

So we’ve created the Tabletop Treasures collection, filled with profiles of the people we’ve encountered, as well as gadgets, maps, and stories that we’ve brought back with us.